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We supply a service for each customer that ensures reliability of pressure vessels and instills confidence that the appropriate DOT standards are strictly enforced.

Hydrostatic Test Facility

Hydrostatic Testing is offered by Safe Air Systems, as a service for each customer that ensures reliability of pressure vessels and instills confidence that the appropriate DOT standards are strictly enforced.

Hydrostatic Test and visual inspection are performed to re-certify DOT specification, Special Permit, and UN cylinders. In addition, we offer Proof Testing and reconditioning services such as shot blasting and painting. ASME vessels do not require testing. They are pressure vessels that are manufactured under the American Society of Mechanical Engineers not DOT standards. However, they do fall under ASME pressure vessel code which is much stricter than DOT standards and comes under OSHA and Department of Labor rules and inspections.

Hydrostatic Facility, at Safe Air Systems, is a state of the art testing facility with 4 computer operated test stands that have the capacity to test cylinders in large quantities. Our Hydrostatic Testing Systems are single pump units that have the capacity to test cylinders simultaneously at a rate of 7 cylinders per testing cycle.

We can Hydrostatic Test High Pressure cylinders ranging from 2,000 PSI to 6,000 PSI to meet the DOT standards. A computer generated report is provided with all test results. 

Our facility Hydrostatic Tests hundreds of thousands of cylinders every year so you can count on us to be your cylinder resource. With pickup, quick turn-around time and delivery available in NC, SC and VA and surrounding areas, your cylinders are ready when you need them.


Hydrostatic Test is an industry standard method of re-qualifying (certifying) pressure vessels (compressed & packaged gas cylinders) to determine whether they are safe for continued use. The process involves in-depth visual examinations of both the interior and exterior of the cylinder, along with a water pressure test of the cylinder. Hydrostatic test, or cylinder requalification, is required by the DOT (Department of Transportation) for all types of cylinders inclusive of SCBA, SCUBA, Fire Extinguishers, paintball cylinders, oxygen cylinders and a variety of cylinder types used for industrial gases.


Cylinder Exterior Blasting and Painting

Safe Air Systems, Inc. uses cylinder blasting machines which remove all paint, scale and exterior contaminants from the cylinder. This process prepares the cylinder with an ideal surface for applying exterior coatings to your cylinders.

Internal Shot Blasting (ISB)

Internal Shot Blasting is the most effective method of removing rust and corrosion from inside steel cylinders. Internal Shot Blasting is more efficient method than cylinder tumbling.

Valves and Cylinders We offer a complete line of Regulators, Valves, Breathing Air Cylinders, SCBA Cylinders, UN Cylinders, Aviation Oxygen Cylinders, Fire Extinguishers and more. We carry high quality brands at competitive prices. Due to our high volume of distribution and consumption as a service center we purchase in large quantities allowing us to pass on the savings to you. 

Our unique capabilities as a Hydrostatic test facility gives us hands on knowledge about the products we distribute. With almost 20 years of experience and a high level of technical knowledge we are able to help you find the right products and solutions to fit your specific Air Cylinder, Gas Cylinder and Breathing Air Cylinder needs. 

The Safe Air Systems team is committed to quick turn-around and a high-level of service in order to meet your needs.

Safe Air Systems wide range of products include numerous sizes of valves, O-rings, carry handles, cylinder caps, handle adaptors, as well as NEW UN Cylinders, NEW SCBA Cylinders, Used DOT and ASME Cylinders and Reconditioned Cylinders. As a Hydrostatic Test facility we offer cylinder re-certification services.

Pickup, Delivery and Turnaround Time

We understand your need for a quick turn around on orders. We have vehicles running regular routes in NC, SC, VA area and have great freight rates for areas beyond. With our Hydrostatic Test service operating daily, your air cylinders or gas cylinders will be ready when you need them.


Contact our North Carolina Hydro Facility - Safe Air Systems at 800-424-8633.