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It is Breathing Air Systems and Safe Air Systems goal to provide the best customer support and the knowledge and guidance to stay compliant with all contaminated air standards. We want to ensure that each customer has confidence that the air is of the highest quality for the safety of the firefighters and the end user. 

Breathing Air Systems and Safe Air Systems now offers an easier and safer method of pulling an Air Sample for your Contaminated Air Quality Analysis with Safety Lab Plus, Inc. Safety Lab Plus offers several different Contaminated Air Test Grades for your Fire Department, Military Base, Industrial Application and much more. Easy as 1, 2, 3 for you to complete your test! Standards – NFPA, CGA, OSHA, Nitrox, ISO, Canadian and more…Plus oils and lubricants.

Contaminated Air Quality Testing that is now Easier, Accurate, and more Affordable! It is necessary that any department that tests and treats contaminated areas must meet the standards put forth by the: 

• National Fire Protection Association

• Compressed Gas Association


We provide contaminated air quality testing that is simple to administer with results returning within a week. All components of the Contaminated Air Test Kits are shipped to you and return labels are supplied with each kit to facilitate easy return to the lab. If at anytime, your sample does not pass, you will receive a retest kit immediately at no extra charge and have one of our service technicians call to troubleshoot the cause of the failed test.

We offer a variety of programs. Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual and Single air test programs can be purchased. All grades of air testing are available including military specs.