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MK1P1 High Pressure Breathing Air Purification System

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With the MK1P1 & MK2P2 - Breathing Air Systems offers upgraded High Pressure Wall Mount Breathing Air Purification Chamber systems for your breathing air compressor systems.

This type of system is typically installed as a retrofit to be used in conjunction with a compressor that was not originally equipped with an adequate purification system. It will handle an input of up to 50 CFM and is rated to a working pressure of 6000 psi.

It consists of two chambers. The first is a separator that thoroughly dries the air before it enters the second chamber, which contains the purification cartridge. The cartridge in the second container is disposable and must be replaced per the intervals determined below.

A safety valve is located on the top of the separator. This will have been preset to your specifications, depending on the working pressure of your compressor. Even though it is sealed, it can be easily readjusted, if desired.

Also incorporated into the system is a back-pressure maintaining valve. This restricts the
airflow out of the system until a pressure has built up of 1500-2000 psi. This is done because the purification cartridge works more effectively at these higher pressures. This BPMV should never need any attention.

Also, a visual color-change monitor for Carbon Monoxide and moisture is located on the
output side of the system. This humidity strip is divided into two sections that change from
blue to pink when the relative humidity reaches 40% and 60 % respectively. This color change, from blue to pink, indicates that it is time to change the system drying cartridges. A color from tan to brown or a brown/gray color of the round CO button indicates the presence of carbon monoxide (CO) in the air system. Any time this occurs, the air should not be used for breathing purposes. This monitor is to be visually checked regularly but it is not to be used as an indicator for routine cartridge changes.

Your unit utilizes an 1801 cartridge (treats 9,800 cubic feet of air). The cartridge must be replaced after that usage period, or every six months, whichever comes first.

To figure out the change interval, find the CFM of your compressor. Divide the 9,800 cu feet capacity by the CFM, then divide again by 60. For example: A 9,800 cu. ft. cartridge used with a 5.0 CFM compressor would indicate a change every 80 hours.

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